Duo Mobile App Reviews

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An excellent 2 factor client

Linked to the duo security software on your server, you can ensure that nobody can log on as you without confirming the request via this app. An excellent, simple approach to two factor authentication compatible with a wide array of popular online tools and UNIX systems.

Works great

The app works great; we use it productively to secure our remote management of about 1000 customer servers. The UI has still some room for improvement though: - when Im in the app and a new request comes in, I dont want to tap on "View" in a popup first. The request should open immediately. - when Im getting multiple requests at the same time, accepting them becomes very cumbersome because of the above mentioned popup.

IOS7 iPhone 4S

Still not working on IOS7 on a iPhone 4S

Great app

Great app great service. It would just be nice if you could set a custom icon for each integration or service.

Very user unfriendly

One of the least friendly apps I have ever seen. I deleted it shortly after it was installed.

Fantastic Update!

Great update with swipe to accept and the options on notifications!

Stopped working please fix

After updating to Version 3.8.0 the app stopped working on my IPhone 4 OS 6.1 Please fix


Latest update crashes everytime on launch on my iPod3 Can no longer use this app.

Does Its Job Well

I have no real experience using other apps of this nature but it works flawlessly.

Easy app

Simple and easy to get the information I need quickly.

Watch app is terrible

The iOS app works fine and I have no issues with it. But the watch app is terrible. The watch app pops up reliably but the approvals rarely get through. For me about 30% of my watch approvals work. The other 70% of the time I need to get my phone out because the watch approval had no effect at all. No error messages when you that happens.

Crashes after launch! Need fix!

Immediately crashes after launch (iOS 6.3 iPhone 3GS). It worked perfectly couple month before. Please fix it somehow!


Please, add approving by Touch Id

Ever hear of text messages?

Why do I have to instal another crappy app to log in? Why cant I just get a text message with the 2FA code? Google does it. Apple does it. Are you guys too cool for this or something? :(

Stopped working after may 11 update

App starts up and then quits immediately. It is completely unusable now.

I cant even download it

I need this for work and I cant even download it.

Epic fail

I loved that my new Apple Watch would generate my duo code. Unfortunately when I updated the app, my watch app no longer works. Bummer

Fast and simple

Employer told me to get it and havent had any problems, and requests happen as fast as can be expected.

Does not scan barcode

For some reason it does not even scan the barcode. So I cannot even log in to the account. It is useless. And it is silly as this is my third time try to write a review for duo mobile. The previous two times both said the usernames were taken. Instead just change the username, it just erased everything. Very tired!


No more pulling phone from the pocket. Just accept on the watch

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