Duo Mobile App Reviews

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Works great!

I have to use this access websites at school and work. No issues here.

Great 2 factor authentication

Works great and smooth for my jobs required 2 factor authentication system as long as you have a fairly decent cellular service signal. If you dont it also offers a passcode list option.

Great two factor auth app...

Works quickly when authenticating and extremely easy to use.

Not 100%

Only works about half the time. Its slow when it does work.

Actually the worst

This app has no friends.

Watch App Needs improvement

For approving multiple connections, the Watch app only catches the first approval request. Any other pending approvals you will need to see on your phone. Not very useful.


New iOS requires at least two actions to authenticate.

The app doesnt work

VPN takes forever to connect to. This app is terrible.

Watch update causes problem!

The October 28 Apple Watch update resulted in Duo not sending the "Accept" / "Reject" buttons to the watch. Now only the numeric code appears! Disappointing!

Not very convenient to use

I am required by university to use this each time I login super computer. I use it so often, and find that it takes so long time and tedious to tap at each request and tap authorize, especially when I have 4 to 8 requests at one time. Could you please offer users an option to always automatically authorize all requests at certain timeframe or a function like "authorize all"? It will make a big difference to users like me.


Please, add approving by Touch Id

Very Secure and usefull

This app is very secure, dont go on the review above. This app works like a charm. Each time you login it can verify login info using 3 ways push notification, call and messages. This is very usefull for someone who know how to use it.


I was sent access code 3 times, entered 3 times and you still say I havent registered. this app is a waste of space on my ipad, it may work on other devices but not ipad

Its as if there was no planning for a new iOS release

The app can no longer approve from the lock screen, and apple watch doesnt work. Will there be an app update coming soon?

lock-screen verification disappears in ios 10

Every time, I need to unlock the phone to pass the veeification. super bad.

Wont work with new iPhone update


Watch app doesnt work

It looks like the watch app is completely broken again with iOS 10 and watch OS 3.

Does not work

This is an impossible app to make work and no tech support to assist. Simply does not work- dont bother with this bug trap.

Works great on phone & watch

Im not sure whats up with the bad reviews. Ive been using this for several versions now and it works great. Approvals via my watch work just fine too. Perfectly happy.

Keeps crashing on iPhone 6+

Cant go through 2 step verification

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